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New Grant Application

  • Only fully completed applications with the required attachments will be considered for funding.
  • Companies not in "good standing" with the Department of Revenue Services or Department of Labor are not eligible to apply.
  • Applications will be processed on a first-come first-served basis.
  • Applications must be submitted online using the program's online form.
Required Attachments: Other Potential Attachments:
  • Explanation regarding any litigation involvement
  • Explanation regarding non-industrial zoned manufacturing operations
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3. Company Status

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4. Proposed Funding Use

If awarded this grant, please advise how soon after receiving approval that the project would begin and how long following commencement until the project would be complete.

Based on quote(s) received from your intended Equipment or Service Provider(s), please indicate the Total Cost of the proposed project and the amount of IVP grant funding being requested.

(Attach a detailed cost breakdown if applicable)



(Maximum award is limited to $20,000)

Provide the following information regarding the equipment supplier or service provider with whom this funding will be spent. Submit a copy of their quote or proposal with this application.

5. Resource Upload

Vendor Quote:

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DRS Letter of Good Standing:

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DOL Letter of Good Standing:

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Project Budget Form:

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Evidence of Matching Funds:

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  By checking this box, I, , certify to the best of my knowledge that the company meets the eligibility requirements for this funding and that all of the information provided herein and on the accompanying attachments is accurate as stated. I also understand that if awarded funding under the IVP program, that my organization will be responsible for providing matching funds up to 100% of the amount awarded.

Public Announcement:

Please be advised that your company and project may be highlighted in a press release and/or used for Economic Development Metrics issued by the state. Company proprietary or trade secret information will not be disclosed. If you would like additional information concerning this, please contact DECD.